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Do you have a question about your business, customers, or market?

Data analysis can help you answer any questions you have about your business. Big Data considers all available facts and analyzes the raw data to give you the best answer. At the end of the day, Big Data analytics can help managers solve complex problems with their business. There is a wealth of information and data analysis sorts through this to help you answer your questions through charts, advanced reports, scorecards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), correlation analysis, prediction based analysis, and trends over time, all of which are insights that help you make better decisions.

Do you want to win against your competitors?

By analyzing Big Data, Managers can get a better understanding of current market conditions and predict future changes. By analyzing customers’ purchasing behaviors, a company can predict what products and services they should offer next and can get ahead of the competition. Humans can make mistakes analyzing large amounts of data, but computers do not. Our Big Data analytics services use the power of computers to evaluate terabytes of data and quickly find an answer to your most pressing questions.

Is it time you make more valuable decisions?

Understanding how trends develop over time and predicting future trends is essential for making more valuable and effective decisions. Managers can use Big Data to predict higher performing product launches, improve budgeting, increase sales, and develop more efficient marketing. Create a competitive edge by making the right decisions faster, lowering costs, and growing your business.

Additional Information

Managers often make decisions based on incomplete information and gut feelings. Big Data analysis provides fact-based answers that can help Managers understand their business better and identify problem areas that need to be addressed.

When Managers want to make better decisions they go to a data analyst and the analyst maps it to an ETL pipeline. Data from the data lake or data warehouse is analyzed and the resulting report helps answer the most important questions for Managers.

Detailed Information

  • Analyze data from traditional databases, document stores, Hadoop, web APIs, and social media incl. FB, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Analyze in cloud (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) or on your company servers.
  • Tools: Hadoop ecosystem such as Hive, HBase, Sqoop, Flume, Impala, Storm, Spark, and other.
  • Advanced analysis: artificial intelligence.
  • Custom programming: Java, Scala, Python.
  • Exports: Excel, CSV, JSON, other if required.
  • Reports: Tableau, QlikView, Power BI, or fully custom charts.

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