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Why is a solution designed by an architect?

A solution from an architect is one that is designed specifically by balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders. A solution architect will analyze a solution from all possible sides and recommend a solution that best addresses the concerns of all those involved. Solution architects can also help implement the solution and provide guidance to stakeholders on how to maintain its effectiveness.

Can a solution architect help with our digital transformation?

Digital transformation forces new capabilities in an organization to convert opportunities into higher revenues with reduced effort. A solution architect can help determine not only the right solution, but also the resources, skills and processes required to successfully navigate a digital transformation. A skilled architect is also required when a business wants to make changes in their technology. A change can be implemented in many ways, and having an architect elaborate on the solution ensures the impact of the change is validated, the complexity is reduced, and the change is smaller, cheaper, and rolled out faster.

What are the benefits of solution architecture?

Solution architecture can help companies solve complex issues by minimizing the time and cost of inefficient processes, avoid negative implementation setbacks, and ensure feasibility prior to implementation. A solution architect can not only recommend the most appropriate solution for your companies’ toughest challenges, but will ensure that the solution is implemented successfully and is sustainable for the long-run.

Additional Information

Construction of a non-trivial software requires a smart plan from an architect. This plan is a blueprint that defines solutions to different concerns. Solutions from an architect thoroughly evaluates alternatives and match business requirements and objectives. Software construction with a blueprint takes less time since the solution is already defined, risks of failure are mitigated since the solution is validated by an architect, and ensures all requirements of business are met including performance, availability, scalability, or other needs defined by business stakeholders.

An architect selects suitable components off the shelf or other products that match requirements and effectively integrates them into your existing business environment. Gap analysis specifies the gap between what is now and what is required. When the gap is minimized, an architect reduces costs and time considerably for your company. A solution can be built from existing components, in record times, on budget, with minimal risks.

Detailed Information

  • Ensure your non-trivial software is designed cost-efficiently and constructed on time.
  • Reduce the scope, cost, time, and risks of changes to a software with an architect.
  • Map your requirements for a non-trivial software to a smart solution plan.
  • Address the IT needs of a specific business problem or capability.
  • Amazon AWS Cloud (incl. EC2, load balancing, Cloudformation, Lambdas, API Gateway, S3, Redis, DynamoDB, EMR, Route 53, ...)
  • Google Cloud (incl. BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage)
  • Hadoop and Big Data (incl. Hive, Spark, Impala, HBase, HDFS, Sqoop, Flume, Pig, Storm, ...)
  • Web Services REST and SOAP, Microservices, ETL pipelines, SQL, NoSQL, EAI...
  • Identify and remove bottlenecks to increase the overall performance of the solution.
  • Validate the efficiency of current architecture and reduce its complexity and cost.
  • Elaborate the as-is architecture and a to-be blueprint for digital transformation.
  • Identify suitable components and products incl. licenses and costs before you start construction.
  • Document current architecture for engineers, managers, and other stakeholders who need understanding.

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